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Business Simplified


ZeeRM is a full service software solution to manage your business.  Features of an ERP system as well as a CRM system in one.  It's completely cloud based so you can access it from anywhere.  No software to download, all you need is a Web Browser.  All-in-One  operational management at your fingertips.

Manage your entire Business

All in one place



Improved Customer Experience

360 Degree customer Communication.  From Lead intake to final thank you emails and future follow-ups.  ZeeRM enables you to provide a better customer experience through a suite of features such as;

  • Customizable email templates that communicate installations, service appointments, thanks you letters, follow ups.

  • External Scheduling where you can allow customers to schedule appointments directly with your sales staffs calendars without all the back and forth emails.

  • Lead Intake screens and APIs that allow leads to flow directly into Dashboard from your website or URLs you provide them. 

  • SMS Customer Communication for Appointment reminders and more.


Increase Sales Productivity

Allow your Sales staff to be more efficient.  Give them a single place to track prospects, appointments, customer communication, important job details, etc.

  • Track Appointments and sync to your email client  (Office365, Gmail and more.

  • Automated reminder rulesets to ensure your sales team is following up with customers every step of the way.

  • Create Tasks and get alerted when you need to take action.

  • Reminders that can notify you via customizable system alerts, emails, text messages. 

  • Performance management where you can set goals for your sales team.

Get Paid faster with less run-around

With our integrated Payment Processing, you can request payment from your customers via email and they can pay right from there.  The payment then records directly into Dashboard.    

  • Get paid quickly and securely.

  • Contact-free payment experience.  

  • Securely store customer payment info (with their consent) for processing final balances.

  • Sync payments from Dashboard right to QuickBooks.


End to End Job Tracking

Track Job related activities all in one place.

  • Lead to Job to Installation to Payment to Follow-Up 

  • Scheduling for Design and Service

  • Task Tracking

  • Document Storage

  • Invoicing

  • Workflow

  • Special Order Tracking

Enterprise Features at a small business price.

There isn't a system out there that can compare to the amount of features and functionality you get for the price.  Feel free to look around and compare..    

  • Flat rate license model.

  • Robust feature set included.

  • Personalized boarding.  We have experienced Business Process flow specialists that will assist you with setup and questions at no additional costs.


Franchisor Platform

The ZeeRM Franchisor platform can provide you with key operating metrics from across all your individual franchisees.

  • See how your entire franchise system is performing from one easy to use Dashboard.

  • Stay on top of Key indicators that can highlight areas that need improvement.

  • View Individual franchise metrics and set goals for individual franchisors.

  • View summarized franchise metrics.

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